MIRACLE from Vanessa Bruno on Vimeo.

‘Cause a taxi in town is like an interlude, a starting point opening up the prospect of a retreat into oneself. Just for a few minutes. Lou escapes, drifts, fantasizing the rising water in the taxi immersing her in a “beyond” which is not her everyday life. A kind of romanticism. Another kind. A contemplation lulled by the music of “Four Tet” and “The bewitched hands on the top of their hands”.

The water becomes a beach, a mysterious island, a seashore so remote from noise as urban fictions. Exile is here and now. A time of levitation. The other girl on the beach: another life. The story is divided in two, speeds up some more, a disheveled fantasy charged with the music clashing against the eardrums. (“Loud-E Africa”). This undisturbed sea sets off to a staccato tempo, comes to a forest where the drumbeats rouse impetuous emotions into movement. The girls move, the girls fly, the girls dance, the girls live. No sun around, however, colours touch the dresses and become tropically sultry extending right to the prints. The path has been found: a dazzling energy expands to the image, to the sound.
The performance doesn’t stop. The girls tussle in a cascade of colours that almost stain the screen like a tribal rite and celebrate the triumph of being alive. So alive.

For summer 2011, Vanessa Bruno has given the director Stephanie Di Giusto free rein to interpret the collection where colour and prints open up a new scope for the brand. A time in exile like a trip where one’s bag is stuffed with items, clothes and exotic accessories to energize a Western wardrobe. On the horizon, a film that gives us a glimpse of the changes in the brand, from gentle romanticism, trademark of Vanessa Bruno to expressing herself in Technicolor, in movement and with whirling energy. Actresses Lou Doillon, the designer’s muse and Jessica Joffe interpret with amazing freedom the will to exalt colour and sensations.

Sweded Taxi Driver by Michel Gondry from Partizan on Vimeo.

Directed by Michel Gondry


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Movement - Ivory (NSFW) from Modular People on Vimeo.

Movement - “Ivory”

From the Movement EP, out now.



Directed by Fleur&Manu.
Produced by Division Paris.

Producer - Jules de Chateleux
Line Producer - Lien Moulin
DOP - Carl Nilsson
Cast - Mathilde Cartoux, Fred Hotier
Production Designer - Eddy Penot
Editor - Nicolas Larrouquere & Roxane Faure Huet
Head Of Post - Clemence Cuvelier
VFX Supervisor - Guillaume Marien
Post House - Mathematic

TIM Futebol - Director’s cut from Fernando Lui - Colorist on Vimeo.

Director: Ian Ruschel
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Production Company: Stink

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